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Having worked for ten years servicing caravans I decided it was time to open my own business offering a high quality service for caravan and motorhome owners in the Newry area.

What we offer at our site just off the old Belfast road outside Newry are caravan and motorhome service and repair solutions in a secure and spacious workshop facility.

We are conveniently located just off the A1 that links Dublin to Belfast.  If you live in Banbridge, Dromore, Lisburn, Dundalk or Drogheda once you get on to the motorway you could be with us in under an hour.

Have you had something stop working the last time you were out; your fridge, heating, water, power supply or toilet?  We are happy to carry out specific repairs and provide parts.

Has your awning blown down damaging the side of your van on its way?  Has someone crashed into you? Were there vandals out and about and they picked on your pride and joy?  Our body shop facilities can carry out flawless repairs returning your caravan back to top class condition.

Has your motorhome or caravan been neglected a bit and the damp has crept in when you weren't looking? Have you noticed your walls and floors a bit softer than they used to be? Damp in the walls of a caravan isn't good news but if the worst does happen were here to help dry it out and fix it up. Our premises; has room inside for 12 caravans. So once we've started doing the job we have the room to keep your caravan indoors and secure until it's repaired and returned to you good as new.

Do you want to improve or upgrade the caravan or motorhome you have? We can supply and install solar panels, satellite systems, motor movers, inverters, bicycle carriers, microwaves and many more accessories to make your holiday home work exactly the way you want it too.

Along with all the repair facilities we offer at A1 caravans Newry, we also offer routine servicing. It's recommended to have your caravan serviced once a year. When we service a caravan we check lots of things including the gas appliances, the brakes and chassis, the 12v and 230v systems, the water system and finally we check the bodywork and the interior for signs of water ingress or damp. Any problems that arise from this we help with the solutions and carry out repairs as required. As with most things catching problems when there only minor saves on heartache and money in the future but it also gives you the owner the confidence to know your looking after your investment and your family's safety.

To try and give our customers’ confidence in our work we enrolled to join the NCC approved workshop scheme. After they seen all our qualifications and after their independent assessor visited our premises to see how and what we use to do our jobs. They have allowed us to fly the approved workshop flag. What does this means for you the customer? You know we’ve trained, you know we have high standards and that you know someone is watching over our shoulder to make sure we look after you the way you deserve.

Contact Jay by phone on 07805255063 or email info@a1caravans.co.uk.