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Caravan Repairs

It doesn’t matter how or what happened, truth is if it’s broken it won’t fix itself. We are happy to deal with any of the issues that might creep up on you when you’re not looking. Motor movers that don’t move, chargers that don’t charge, toilets that don’t flush, fridges that try to poison you because they let those sausages get a bit too warm, and lights that don’t light when they’re supposed too! 

Along with the minor stuff we also take on the big stuff – has someone crashed into the front, back or side of your caravan? Has damp has spoiled the wall of you caravan, or has the floor delaminated in your motorhome. After ten years we have the ability to fix all and any problems that you can throw at us. If anything on the list below looks familiar give us a call.

  • Bouncy or soft floor
  • Walls that are stained or feel lumpy
  • Water running down the wall after heavy rain
  • Staining around the front shelf below the front windows 
  • Pools of water on the rubber sills at the windows
  • The flames on your cooker and oven burning with yellow tips
  • Cooker wont light one burner or any burners
  • Electric ignition has stopped working on the cooker
  • Taps that leak or don’t turn on
  • Drains that won’t run or don’t run where there supposed to
  • Broken windows, arms or catches
  • Broken furniture
  • Fridges that don’t get cold
  • Fridges that work on gas and not electric
  • Broken hinges on your fridge door
  • Travel catches missing
  • Water that’s always cold and doesn’t heat up
  • Water pumps that won’t stop or start when needed
  • Broken central heating
  • Smell of gas, or using more gas than normal
  • Not towing very well all of a sudden
  • A loud bang when you brake or pull away
  • Squealing noise when approaching a junction
  • Loud creaking as you go around a corner
  • Lights that won’t work or won’t switch off
  • Motor movers only going in circles or backwards
  • Jack legs that won’t go up or down
  • No TV or radio reception
  • Microwave doesn’t bing
  • Towing lights not working or you have damaged the socket
  • Toilet not flushing or not opening
  • Batteries not charging
  • Nothing lighting up or running even when the battery is fully charged
  • Faulty control panels