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Caravans Servicing and Maintenance

The key to getting the best out of your holiday home and your investment is taking the time to insure it's always in tip top condition. As with anything in life when you find a problem early it can normally be rectified with minimal fuss or expense.

When you have your caravan of motorhome regularly maintained it’s always ready to go be it France or Portrush. Someone once described a caravan to me as “a fancy box that gets bounced down every road in the country” and to be fair it's a pretty accurate description if not overly romantic.

As it bounces along everything moves and vibrates a certain amount, over time it can cause gas leaks or poor electrical connections. The tyres and suspension deal with the strain as well.

The brakes slow you down at every junction you come to and keep your caravan put when you’re asleep at night or when it's parked at the house. The seams that keep the water out also move and flex and if they fail it's better to know sooner rather than later considering wood and water don't mix.